CHS Seniors Named Kansas Honor Scholars

The Kansas University Alumni Association’s Kansas Honor Program has recognized 29 Campus High School seniors as Kansas Honor Scholars for the 2015 – 2016 school year.

The Kansas Honors Program recognizes and awards high-school seniors for their academic achievements. Each year KU alumni gather in more than 37 locations across the state for an awards ceremony and honorary dinner or reception.

These 29 students were honored at a Kansas Honors Program at a ceremony and reception hosted by the University of Kansas on September 28 at Eisenhower High School in Goddard

All high-school seniors who rank academically in the top 10 percent of their class are asked to attend as guests of the Association with their parents, principals and superintendents.

The Kansas Honors Program has been a KU tradition since 1971. It is designed to promote academic excellence in secondary education, to reward high school seniors for their hard work and dedication, and to support our Kansas communities.

In its inaugural year, the Kansas Honors Program honored about 1,000 students in 16 county-wide programs. Today, the program honors approximately 3,500 students from 362 high schools in all 105 counties.

Each Kansas Honor Scholar receives a certificate and a special edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, and has a chance to qualify for a $4,000 scholarship to KU.

Campus High School seniors honored were: Alexander Adamson, Naomi Agnew, Alison Chan, Monroe Chrisco, Valerie Clawson, Jenna Crouse, Ashley Dodge, Jonathan Fleming, Angela Gearhardt, Trysten Gregg, Parker Hartley, Alissa Hovey, Chace Howard, Chandler Light, Shayla Long-Rodriguez, Kailey McDonald, Mary Miller, Megan Montoya, Daniella Nahrendorf, Trisha Patel, Connor Patterson, Leigh Rust, Leah Rymer, Olivia Sailors, Devin Schreiber, Madalyn Schremmer, Kortney Schutt, Kelsie Whitcomb and Amanda Zavala

Photo Caption:

Campus High School seniors and Kansas Honor Scholars Devin Schreiber and Amanda Zavala displayed their special edition of The American Heritage Dictionary they received from the Kansas University Alumni Association.

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