BOE Honors Retirees

Retiring certified and classified staff were recognized at the May meeting of the Board of Education.

Retiring certified staff and hire date were: Julie Dombo (1993); Melinda Evans (1987); Donna Hansen (1977); Gail Jantzen (1983); Peggy Johnston (2003); Tami Meek (1995); Tonya J. Roberts (1981) and Cathy Voss (2004).

Retiring classified staff and hire date were: James Bratt (2008); Carolyn Button (1998); James Hirsh (1985); Wanda Ingram (2004) and Linda Patnaude (1986).

Cathy Voss

Tonya J. Roberts

Peggy Johnston

Melinda Evans

Linda Patnaude

Julie Dombo

Gail Jantzen

Donna Hansen



















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